National Baptist Fellowship of Concerned Pastors Launch Petition to Oppose Lesbian Minister Preaching at American Baptist College

Dwight McKissic

Click here to sign petition

The American Baptist College, Nashville, TN, for two consecutive years, has scheduled Bishop Yvette Flunder, a lesbian bishop who is legally married to  Shirley Miller, to serve as a guest lecturer/preacher at the Garnett-Nabrit Lecture Series.

Your signature on the following petition is documentation that President Forrest Harris of ABC and President Jerry Young of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., are duly notified that you are in disagreement with a same sex married Lesbian Bishop preaching at American Baptist College on March 15-18, 2015.

We believe that President Forrest Harris should rescind the invitation for Bishop Yvette Flunder to speak at ABC, solely on the basis that she is a proud, practicing, and public advocate of same-sex marriage. We are also requesting that in the future, no male or female involved in a same-sex marriage be invited to speak at ABC.

Our main reason for releasing this petition to the public is so that history will record that a  group of NBC pastors/members went on record opposing the notion of a lesbian bishop preaching at our institution – American Baptist College.

In the Will of God,

National Baptist Fellowship of Concerned Pastors


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