A&E’s “Neighbors With Benefits” Show Brings Immoral Swinging Lifestyle to Mainstream TV

'Neighbors With Benefits' on A&E features couples who sleep together. (A&E)
‘Neighbors With Benefits’ on A&E features couples who sleep together. (A&E)

If the romantic comedy Friends With Benefits didn’t trouble you, I hope this does. A&E, the same network that brings us Duck Dynasty and all the Robertson family’s Christian values, is broadcasting a disturbing new show called Neighbors With Benefits.

According to A&E’s own description, the new original real-life series follows the residents of an average suburban community in Ohio where the couples maintain a not-so average way of life: “Neighbors are often more than just friends in this seemingly ordinary neighborhood that has become home to the controversial, yet surprisingly common, ‘swinger’ lifestyle.”

People magazine makes light of the immorality, jesting: “A&E has an important message for you: Soccer moms can be swingers, too!” The New York Post also takes its crack at humor, bantering: “They’ve got the white picket fence, the 2.5 kids—and a swinging sex life.”

“They’re attractive [people]. This isn’t your pony-tailed, earring guy that you would picture being a part of swingers,” executive producer Aaron Rothman told The Post. “They look and feel like they are your neighbors. Their kids are playing with your kids.”

Swinging Hits the Mainstream

How comforting … Do you see the subtlety? The producers are working to paint this as normal. Swinging is not normal—and it’s not moral—but it’s finding its way out of the subculture and into the mainstream. At least mainstream entertainment.

Indeed, it’s not just A&A. Showtime has aired original series called Polyamory: Married & Dating, which follows two polyamorous families living in Southern California. This shameful show puts another perverted twist on reality TV just as did Sister Wives when it started broadcasting an inside view of modern polygamy where a man is “happily married” to three wives.

And it’s not just unbelievers, either. I was shocked to learn about 18 months ago that Christians, or at least people who describe themselves as Christians, are also participating in these immoral acts. A marketing line on matchmaking site christianswingers.com promises a platform that helps you “meet local Christian swingers who believe that an open and honest relationship with each other will keep any marriage fresh and exciting.”

No, I guess we can’t pray the polyamory away—or maybe we haven’t prayed hard enough. Neighbors With Benefits premiers on March 22. It’s not the first such show and it won’t be the last. As I’ve said before, the mainstream media is setting out to push polyamory into the mainstream. Swinging may be a loose translation as the participants don’t claim to be in love with one another, but it’s a manifestation of the same sin.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Jennifer LeClaire

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