Twitter Reportedly Bought Periscope Last Month


This morning we told you about Meerkat, the video streaming service that blew up last week. The app is a dead-simple way to broadcast from a mobile device that piggybacked on Twitter’s social graph to help users find an audience. It seems like Twitter had a similar idea. Business Insider is reporting that last month, Twitter acquired Periscope, a yet-to-launch streaming video service with a nearly identical use case.

The idea that in the internet age anyone and everyone can be a star has been around since the 1990s. The dot-com millionaire Josh Harris founded, which hoped to empower everyone to become a digital VJ. A decade later Justin.TV gave this idea new life. Neither project found mainstream success, although Twitch, which focused on gaming, grew out of Justin.TV and sold to Amazon for roughly a billion dollars.

Click here to read more.

SOURCE: The Verge, Business Insider, Ben Popper

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