Thanks to Hi-Tech Innovations, Bible Poverty Is Well on the Way to Being Eradicated Worldwide


In Matthew 24:14 Jesus said, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

For the first time in history, the means are available to make the Gospel available to the whole world, putting the Bible into every language every person on the planet speaks.

And the people who can make it happen have a passion to make it a reality in this generation.

Mart Green, a member of the wealthy Green family that operates Hobby Lobby, helps run the family chain stores and heads up his own business, Mardel.

But what really excites him is his work getting the Scripture translated into every tongue.

“My passion is by 2033 that 95 percent of the world will have a whole Bible, 99.9 percent will have a New Testament, and 100 percent will have at least 25 chapters,” Green told CBN News.

‘Openly Wept at God’s Word’

This drive to spread the Word began 17 years ago when Green watched Gaspar, a Guatemalan tribesman, break down and cry after waiting 40 years to get his hands on the Scriptures in his language.

“The translation started in 1958. This was 1998, so a couple spent 40 years translating the Bible,” he explained. “And I even wondered if it was a good return on investment: spend all that time and money for just 30,000 Eastern Jacalteco.”

“But when Gaspar went forward to get his Bible, he did something I’d never seen before: and he openly wept to get God’s Word,” he said.

Green said he definitely knew at that moment all the investment was well worth it.

“My passion everyday since then has been to make sure that everybody has God’s Word in the language they speak, what we call the heart language,” he added.

Bob Creson, president of Wycliffe Bible Translators U.S.A., told CBN News putting the Scriptures into the world’s 6,900 languages is well on the way.

“About a third of those don’t need any work, about a third of those are underway, and about a third–around 1,800–don’t have one word of Scripture yet,” Creson said.

But hi-tech innovations are slashing the average 40-year time it used to take to do a translation.

“It’s accelerated the pace such that now it takes about 10 years or even less for a New Testament to be done,” Creson said.

And innovations like the YouVersion Bible App are allowing people, even those who can’t read or see, to access the Bible in a few seconds on their digital devices.

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Paul Strand

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