Octavia Spencer Talks Playing God Onscreen In ‘The Shack’: “It’s Overwhelming…You Don’t Prepare for God.”


Talk about stepping up to the really big Hollywood film parts. You don’t get much bigger than God.

Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer tells USA TODAY she’s going to play God in the film adaptation of William P. Young’s best-selling novel, The Shack.

Yes, she’s a little daunted, even as heavyweights such as George Burns and Morgan Freeman have gone before her.

“Those are huge shoes to fill. Morgan Freeman has done it and he’s been quite effective. I’m just going to try to bring some wisdom to it…It’s overwhelming.”

Spencer knows the role might bring some controversy in the film directed by Stuart Hazeldine.

“It’s like ‘Oh, my God! Someone is playing God.’ But people have to remember it’s a manifestation of God. How (the film subject) sees God. Not necessarily how or who or what God is.”

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SOURCE: USA Today Entertain This! – Bryan Alexander

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