Messianic Jew Defies Death to Preach to Muslims


To preach the Gospel in a mosque in the Middle East is to court death.

And it’s even more dangerous when the evangelist is an Israeli.

Yet Messianic Jew Zev Porat defied all of that recently to enter a mosque in the town of Akko, in Israel, to bring Jesus Christ to Muslims.

What’s more, he brought silence to the mosque by showing the gathered Muslims a book from an American Christian pastor, Carl Gallups’ “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah.”

Porat, founder of Messiah of Israel Ministries, felt called by the Holy Spirit to venture into new territory, but faced headwinds from the start. Upon entering, Porat was challenged by a Muslim named Ali who demanded to know what an “Israeli Jew” was doing there.

Porat was searched for weapons and tensions were high because of clashes between Israeli Defense Forces and Arab terrorists that very day.

One of the Muslims shouted, “There is fighting now at the borders and you are here to make problems?”

Porat said he knew he had only a few brief moments to defuse what was heading quickly in a bad direction.

He said only through the Messiah Yeshua could the Arabs and Jews live in peace as God intends.

“God loves the Arab people,” he said, “and so do I.”

The Muslims were mystified by his response but intrigued that an Israeli Jew had entered their mosque to profess his love for them. However, they could not believe he was sincere. They told Porat that he should not come to them because any Jew who believed in Yeshua as Messiah was rejected by his own people.

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SOURCE: WorldNetDaily

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