Katie Couric Is Reportedly In Talks to Replace Brian Williams

Katie Couric Brian Williams

Known at the time as ‘America’s sweetheart’, Katie Couric was NBC’s star.

And in their moment of need, the station is reportedly trying to recapture that magic.

According to a series of reports, the 58-year-old newscaster is in talks with incoming chairman Andrew Lack to make a return by replacing disgraced anchor Brian Williams on the Nightly News.

NBC has yet to respond to DailyMail.com’s request for a comment.

‘It makes sense (that she could come back) because she is so closely associated with the brand,’ a source The New York Daily News.

‘She and Andy are close friends, but this is still only in the most preliminary stages.’

It is possible that Couric could be lined up for other roles at NBC such as hosting the ratings-poor Today show or working as a ‘special correspondent’ in a ‘Barbara Walters-type role’, notes Brian Stelter, author of Top Of The Morning: Inside The Cut-Throat World Of Morning TV.

Writing for CNN, Stelter says Couric is one of many A-list reporters that harbor a close relationship with NBC’s returning chairman Andrew Lack – who is credited with masterminding her rise to fame.

He writes: ‘Lack has a special knack for working with A-list television anchors — he knows how to massage egos, how to manage internal rivalries, how to pair anchors and producers.

‘A 1999 profile of Lack in Brill’s Content said “a number of on-air talent and top executives have asked to link their contracts with Lack’s — saying, essentially, “I don’t want to be here if it isn’t Andy.”

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SOURCE: DailyMail.com

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