Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google Join 379 Companies In Support of Homosexual Marriage


A total of 379 companies, including tech’s biggest names, are trying to convince the Supreme Court to rule in favor of nationwide marriage equality.

These corporations, including Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have filed an amici curiae or a friend-of-the-court brief prior to the high court’s April hearing that will decide the future of same-sex marriage in the US. The court is slated to discuss whether same-sex couples have the constitutional right to get married anywhere in the country. In case that doesn’t pan out, the court will also discuss whether same-sex marriages performed in states where it’s legal must be recognized even in states where it’s not. If you read the filing, you’ll see the companies emphasize repeatedly how marriage equality benefits American businesses.

They listed a number of ways how, such as that it will allow them to offer everyone the same benefits to entice top talent. It can also prevent employees from leaving and moving to states that recognize their marriage. Diversity in the workplace, brought in part by members of the LGBT community, is “crucial to innovation and marketplace success,” the companies’ wrote.

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SOURCE: Engadget
Mariella Moon

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