Amazon Game Studios Planning to Bring 4 Games to iOS


Amazon Game Studios is planning its first iOS gaming launch with four titles: Lost Within, Til Morning’s Light, In Tales From Deep Space, and To-Fu Fury.

If you’re a regular mobile gamer, you probably recognize To-Fu Fury and Tales From Deep Space already. They’re already available on Amazon’s Appstore for $2 and $7 respectively. Amazon will just port these over to iOS, but it’s unclear if they’ll remain at the same price or if that might change on Apple’s platform.

Lost Within and Til Morning’s Light are brand-new titles, and we don’t yet know what they might cost.

Amazon has confirmed that the four games will work on iPhones and iPads, but it hasn’t yet said when each of these games will actually hit Apple’s App Store. You can expect that both Lost Within and Til Morning’s Light will cost something, but that’s just speculation based on the fact that the two other games eschew the free-to-play concept commonly found in the mobile gaming world.

Lost Within looks to have a bit of a horror focus, as it takes place in an abandoned asylum. You’ll solve puzzles and use a bit of stealth—or combat—to get past all the unpleasant things that are trying to kill you. As the game bills it, you can “play your way: fight, flight, or stealth.”

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SOURCE: PC Mag, David Murphy

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