Softcard Shutting Down on March 31


Mobile payment service Softcard, which Google acquired last month, will shut down on March 31.

After some late January rumors, Google last month said it would be acquiring “some exciting technology and intellectual property” from Softcard.

Now, Softcard has posted a notice on its website that says “as of 3/31 your Softcard app will no longer work. You can continue to use the Softcard app until 3/31. After that your Account will be closed.”

The company is encouraging users to download Google Wallet instead.

A joint effort between AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, the Softcard app stored users’ account details and loyalty cards electronically, making it easy to pay wirelessly via Near Field Communication (NFC). Users entered a pin, selected a payment card, and held a phone over the “contactless” symbol on the payment terminal.

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SOURCE: PC Mag, Stephanie Mlot

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