Cleveland Browns Brian Hoyer Compliments Manziel on Going in for Treatment

Richard Lipski/AP
Richard Lipski/AP

Brian Hoyer is set to become a free agent after a year primarily as the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback where he competed with high-profile rookie Johnny Manziel.

The Browns are moving on from Hoyer and last week signed free agent Josh McCown, who will compete with and mentor Manziel.

Teams searching to sign a quarterback, particularly those with players in need of mentoring, should be compelled by the Hoyer-Manziel relationship.

Manziel, whose partying lifestyle had been on public display even before joining the Browns, entered a treatment facility last month.

Hoyer reached out at the time to check on his friend.

“I texted Johnny when he went into rehab, haven’t heard back,” Hoyer told USA TODAY Sports. “But I’m sure when you go into rehab they don’t allow you to use your phone. It takes a big person to check yourself into rehab.”

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SOURCE: USA Today FTW! – Jim Corbett

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