Cinder Smart Grill Cooks Your Steak With Astronomical Precision


For some, grilling a steak just right is a matter of pride. For others, it’s a chore, and one that, like boiling water, they’d delegate to a kitchen gadget if they could. That day may have come with the Cinder, which is a bit like a Siri-powered George Foreman grill. The aim is to combine the precision cooking of, say, a sous-vide setup with the convenience of a countertop grill.

Cinder monitors the temperature very closely, keeping heat uniform temperature across its surface to within two degrees. Try keeping things steady like that on a charcoal grill, or even in a frying pan. That means you can count on Cinder to slow-cook a steak to a perfect medium-rare… but you don’t need to heat up a cast-iron pan to sear it. No, the Cinder does that for you, at least if you’ve told it to via the companion app.

Dial in a dish — salmon, carmelized onions, sweet potatoes — and the grill intelligently cooks it up right without getting hot enough to burn it. Cinder’s creators say this is done in a similar fashion to keeping satellites aligned, but you should probably take that claim — like a good steak — with a pinch of salt.

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SOURCE: NBC News, Devin Coldewey

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