WATCH: TV Mogul Byron Allen says Al Sharpton is ‘Not Important,’ is a ‘Black Pawn for his White Masters,’ and Obama is ‘Bought and Paid For’


Legendary TV talk show host Byron Allen went on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Sunday to discuss his ongoing racial discrimination lawsuit against Comcast and Al Sharpton.

He called Sharpton a “black pawn” perpetuating “financial genocide” on the black community, and bashed President Barack Obama for protecting donors that discriminate against blacks.

ALLEN: Al Sharpton is not important. He’s nothing more than a black pawn in a very sophisticated white economic chess game. He’s being used by his white masters at Comcast and AT&T. He just needs to shut up and get in the bleachers. What we have to do is get the corporations to understand you must include African-American owned media. We have to stop the financial genocide against the black community.

HOST BRIAN STELTER: You understand how offensive this sounds to someone like Al Sharpton.

ALLEN: I’m not worried about his feelings. I’m more focused on getting corporate America to understand it’s time to do business with us.

And President Obama; President Obama has been bought and paid for. He has taken donations from Comcast. Comcast is his biggest contributor. AT&T is one of his biggest contributors. Listen, Obama, your own FTC is investigating AT&T for throttling. How can you even consider them to buy DirectTV when you’re suing them? Is it because you took donations? Yes, Obama. Don’t even think about letting them merge until they settle this lawsuit and that lawsuit.

Obama, you bailed out the banks. The banks you bailed out don’t even make commercial loans to African-Americans. Obama, you bailed out the car companies. Those car companies don’t advertise with people like me and people like Ebony magazine.

via The Daily Caller

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