WATCH: ‘Antichrist’ Man With ‘666’ Tattoo Stabs and Kills Another Man in Church — Town’s First Murder


A man with the symbol of the Antichrist on his forehead charged with murder. Police say he killed another man in church.

William Long, with the sign of the devil tattoo you can’t miss, was standing in line and packing lunch when he became the suspect in the town of Duck’s first ever murder case.

“When the incident occurred, the gentlemen were both making sandwiches for the day. It happened in a very quick moment,” said First Sgt. Jeff Ackerman of the Duck Police.

Records show, Long, a 53-year-old man with a lengthy criminal history and 666 tattoo above his left eyebrow had been released not long ago from prison. He has a trail of crimes in Dare County but police say he only recently looked for help from an outer banks charity.

Churches like Duck United Methodist take turns providing food and shelter to homeless people like Long. Sometimes, says First Sgt. Jeff Ackerman, the homeless have criminal records and mental health issues.

“I think in this case that may have played a factory,” said Ackerman.

The victim identified as George Provost also had a criminal history. The two started arguing in the church’s sandwich line.

“There was a drawer in the kitchen that was labeled ‘knives.’ And the suspect reached into that drawer, grabbed a knife and obviously you saw what happened,” said Ackerman.

Ackerman says the church where this happened is the centerpiece of the town, helping people, often overlooked on the outer banks.

“They were simply trying to help two gentleman out that really had no where else to go. This tragedy doesn’t just hit the church, it hits our community very hard,” said Ackerman.


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