Wife of Stevie Wonder’s Late Lawyer Sues him for $7 Million Over Alleged Unpaid Royalties

© Provided by TheWrap Stevie Wonder Sued for $7 Million Over Alleged Unpaid Royalties
© Provided by TheWrap
Stevie Wonder Sued for $7 Million Over Alleged Unpaid Royalties

Susan Strack just called to say Stevie Wonder owes her $7 million in unpaid royalties.

Her late husband Johanan Vigoda worked as the legendary singer-songwriter’s lawyer from 1971 until he his 2011 death and, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday, Wonder still owes his estate money.

She claimed Wonder, who has sold over 100 million records and won 22 Grammys throughout his career, had agreed on multiple occasions to pay Vigoda 6 percent of all of his royalties in perpetuity. When Vigoda died, she claimed her husband bequeathed those rights to her.

Strack said Wonder lived up to his end of the agreement for several years after her husband’s death, but stopped sending him payments in mid-2013. She claimed Wonder also instructed the music companies that handle his royalties to do the same.

Strack claimed she then contacted the record companies and instructed them to resume the royalty payments, but that her efforts were to no avail.

Now, she’s suing the “Superstition” singer for $7 million, seeking damages for breach of written agreement, intentional interference with contract and conversion. Charles Harder, with Harder, Mirell & Abrams, of Los Angeles, and David Houston of Reno represent her.

Wonder’s representatives could not be reached for comment.

Source: TheWrap | Travis Reilly

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