Jessa Duggar Warns People of God’s Coming Judgment

Reality TV star Jessa Duggar (Screenshot/YouTube)
Reality TV star Jessa Duggar (Screenshot/YouTube)

Jessa Duggar continues to find her own voice on social media, using her Facebook page to sound off on God’s judgment and other topics in a sign that the “19 Kids and Counting” reality show star isn’t shying away from potential controversies.

Duggar has received negative reaction in the past for her religious views, according to E! News, and this time she seems to be taking a lot of subjects head on.

Citing pornography, adultery and other sexual sins, Duggar believes people are ‘”content to live their lives no matter what others think,” wrote E! News, “But in the end, it doesn’t matter what society believes is or isn’t acceptable. It’s all up to God.”

In a lengthy Facebook post on Wednesday Duggar said: “Whenever someone speaks out against something that God calls sin, ‘Don’t judge!’ can be heard coming from a thousand lips. People don’t like to have other people disapprove of the way they’re choosing to live their life.”

“I will speak to you a hard truth. I do not write this because I think that it will bring me popularity. It won’t. But it is Truth from the Word of God: the Bible,” said Duggar.

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SOURCE: Newsmax – Clyde Hughes

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