New Jersey Bus Aide Arrested for Robbing Students

Rosa Rios

A 33-year-old bus aide was arrested after she allegedly stole bagged lunches and lunch money from students ranging in age from 3 to 5, reports.

Rosa M. Rios, from Millville, N.J., was charged late last week with robbery and theft after bus security cameras allegedly recorded her going through the children’s backpacks. Officers were originally reviewing the footage to try to determine whether money had been stolen from the bus driver.

The woman, an employee of Sheppard Bus Service, allegedly had been stealing from children’s bags since the beginning of January. The Millville Board of Education sent letters home with the children following the discovery.

“Through our proactive process that reviews our bus footage, members of my staff noticed suspicious behavior,” Millville Public Schools Superintendent David Gentile said. “Once brought to my attention, I immediately involved the authorities and worked collaboratively to protect our students. She was removed immediately from all Millville bus routes indefinitely.”

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