WATCH: NBC News Bureau Chief Backs Up Bill O’Reilly’s War Reporting

Two former CBS reporters have strongly disputed Bill O’Reilly‘s accounts of what happened one night when they covered a riot in Buenos Aires, but on The Factor tonight, O’Reilly brought on a former NBC News bureau chief who backed up his story.

Don Browne was the NBC News Miami bureau chief at the time, and he oversaw the network’s Falklands coverage. And Browne told O’Reilly his account was accurate. As opposed to some of the other accounts, which have to some extent downplayed the danger, Browne said the situation “got progressively more intense” and there were demonstrations in Buenos Aires every day.

Both O’Reilly and Browne recalled a “very intense situation where people got hurt” and how “this was an extremely violent and volatile situation” where reporters were in danger.

O’Reilly also spoke with Mediaite’s own Joe Concha, who wrote a column this week questioning the motivations of O’Reilly’s attackers. Concha told O’Reilly that Mother Jones is in the business of throwing red meat to progressives, and beyond that, the story isn’t making much headway anyway.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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SOURCE: Josh Feldman

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