Georgia Pastor Sued for Allegedly Assaulting Woman He Was Counseling After Death of Her Father

Rev. & First Lady Small
Rev. & First Lady Small

A pastor sexually battered a woman in his home while counseling her after the death of her father, the alleged victim claims in court.

Kadijah Davis sued Nathaniel Small, Jr., Barbara Small, and Greater Friendship Baptist Church, in Chatham County State Court.

The plaintiff, who lives in Savannah, claims Nathaniel Small sexually battered her in the home he shares with his wife Barbara.

As pastor of Greater Friendship Baptist Church, Small offered counseling services to church members and others, according to the complaint.

After Small conducted the funeral service for plaintiff’s father in January 2013, he offered to provide “bereavement or grief counseling” to plaintiff, who was not a member of his church, she claims in the lawsuit.

The counseling sessions took place in Small’s home, at his wife’s request, Davis says.

In February 2013, Small sexually battered Davis during a counseling session when the two of them were alone in the house, she claims in the lawsuit.

The plaintiff says Small “used access gained through his pastoral position to sexually prey upon girls and women,” and the church made no efforts to stop him.

“Church members and leaders were aware of defendant Nathaniel Small, Jr.’s predatory sexual misconduct and abuse of his pastoral position, or rumors or allegations thereof, but took no steps to prevent his further sexual misconduct with those with which he came into contact through his church position,” the lawsuit states.

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SOURCE: Courthouse News Service
Iulia Filip

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