Godly Characteristics for Dating as a Single Christian Man

Singles, are you handling the dating scene with these characteristics? (Lightstock)
Singles, are you handling the dating scene with these characteristics? (Lightstock)

Dating is one of the most interesting social studies. Two people with different personalities begin a relationship; with past baggage, a variety of “cultural” expectations, socioeconomic histories, family background, values, morals and faith—you might wonder if it’s possible to think that dating can actually lead to marriage.

From the very opening line to the closing technique, finding dating truths for God’s man can be difficult because there’s not much “dating,” as we know it today, in the Bible.

For example:

Ever wonder what Adam’s approach to Eve was? Something like, “Hey, God made me, He made you. Let’s get it on.”

Or Ruth, who slept at Boaz’s feet, in nonverbal communication that says, “Take me, I am yours.”

Sampson jumped the gun with Delilah, falling deep into a pre-marital relationship that probably involved sex and eventually short-circuited Sampson’s ultimate potential.

David never bothered to date Bathsheeba, instead he just had her husband killed.

Then there’s that book in the Bible called Song of Solomon. This interesting book is located in the very middle, or “heart” of the Bible. It’s a lovelorn exchange of adoration between two people obviously very smitten. Song of Solomon shows me that God is a big fan of dating. It also tells me dating must involve respect, patience, self-control and fearlessness.

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SOURCE: Every Man Ministries
Kenny Luck

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