Miami WR Phillip Dorsett Falls Short of Chris Johnson’s 40-Yard Dash Record

© Steve Mitchell / US PRESSWIRE
© Steve Mitchell / US PRESSWIRE

Chris Johnson‘s scouting combine record of 4.24 seconds in the 40-yard dash is safe – at least for now. 

Miami wide receiver Phillip Dorsett was considered by many to be the combine participant with the best chance to surpass Johnson’s mark, but he topped out at 4.33 seconds (unofficial) after his two runs in the 40.

4.33 seconds matches the top time from a year ago, turned in by Brandin Cooks, who was drafted by the New Orleans Saints.

It’s possible an unheralded receiver or running back in one of Saturday’s later groups will surprise everyone and set a new record. There’s also the possibility of a defensive back breaking the record Sunday.

Johnson can’t breathe easy yet, but his biggest threat proved incapable of taking him down.

Source: theScore | David P. Woods

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