Colombia Judge Orders American Missionary, Russell Stendal, to Be Freed from Jail

Russell Stendal

A Colombia judge has ordered that American missionary to Colombia, Russell Stendal, be freed from jail.

Stendal was arrested Wednesday and charged with suspected links to the Marxist narco-terror group, the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC).

But the judge ruled there was not sufficient evidence to prove allegations that the 59-year-old missionary had provided logistical support to the guerrillas.

I’ve known Russell and his family for more than 12 years. The only electronic support he has provided FARC are Galcom radios set to receive broadcasts from his Christian radio stations. I personally accompanied him in his airplane during one flight as he dropped radios and Bibles into rebel-held territory.

If the charges against him had been fomenting a “Jesus” revolution, and loving his enemies, then I’m sure Russ would have pleaded guilty. I know no other missionary that is more committed to winning ALL Colombians to Christ.

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Gary Lane

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