NYC Sea Level Could Rise to 6 Feet by 2100


According to a paper published by the New York Panel on Climate Change, projections have New York City sea level rising well above the global average for the next 100 years. According to this paper, projections for sea level rise in New York City could reach as high as 6 feet by 2100. Within the next 40 years, sea level rise in New York City could reach 11 to 12 inches. Does that mean you’ll be pumping your basement soon? Not so much – but your kids might.

According to this report, the mean annual precipitation in New York City’s Central Park has increased at a rate of approximately 0.8 inches per decade over 1900 to 2013. This brings mean annual precipitation up over this past decade to 8 inches.

Mean annual temperature has increased in Central Part at a rate of 0.3°F per decade (total of 3.4°F) over that same period of time. This trend, they say, has varied “substantially” over shorter periods of time.

This data suggests we’re getting more precipitation at the same time as we’re getting a hotter New York City. This study also suggests that NYC will get heat waves at a rate 3x as much as the city does now by the 2080s. Meanwhile “extreme cold events” will lessen.

Seal level rise in New York City “is a significant hazard,” says this study. Risk will be centered in on “costal communities, infrastructure, and ecosystems.”

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SOURCE: Slash Gear, Chris Burns

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