Persecution of Christians in America Has Already Begun, and It’s Only Going to Get Worse


by Sylvia Thompson

In a few months, five god-wannabes on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will issue an edict that enshrines homosexual sodomy into American law. There is the possibility that sanity and decency will reign and the Justices will take a lesson from the abortion ruling of some forty years ago – a ruling that tarnished the soul of America and is still being protested to this day. Given the rotted state of American culture and the deeply flawed occupants of the current court, that possibility is slim. What remains to be seen is if biblical Christians will bow to this travesty against Almighty God as they did to the killing of the unborn.

Unlike the abortion ruling that targeted only those involved directly or indirectly with women’s health, criminalizing an opposition to sodomy (which a ruling to force homosexual marriage upon the states would effectively do) affects all biblical Christians. This ruling would render us de facto criminals, unable to uphold that law. We cannot accept homosexual behavior or any other sexual behaviors condemned by God, including adultery, fornication, incest or bestiality.

Currently, the Court is not purposing by judicial degree to force an acceptance of any of these behaviors except homosexuality. It is reasonable to assume, however, that at some point in time, it will entertain those other behaviors. It is only prudent of Christians to draw the metaphorical line in the sand now. Yes, all of us have engaged in some or all of these behaviors, but as with true Christians throughout the ages, we no longer do so. (1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

J. Matt Barber, a Christian columnist and founder of implores Christians to stand their ground.[1] If a ruling is passed to force an acceptance of the sin of same-sex marriage upon all Americans, Bible-oriented Christians should refuse to comply and not acquiesce by closing their businesses or by leaving jobs, or resigning from positions held. Call upon the strength that Christ Jesus provides and force the lawless government to take punitive action against you. Be prepared to suffer the consequences that Christians throughout history have suffered at the hands of the godless.

Mr. Barber himself was persecuted by a former employer several years back. I recall that his case influenced greatly my own decision to take up the fight against homosexual activism, coupled with the deaths of two male relatives from AIDS, resulting from homosexual sodomy. I was pleased to learn that Mr. Barber sued his employer and won ample compensation for the suffering they caused him and his family. His offense, an essay voicing his Christian view of homosexual marriage and the intolerance of activists supporting it, on a Christian Web site. I canceled my service with that company because of their treatment of Mr. Barber. The demons don’t always win.

It is noteworthy that of the 36 states where same-sex marriage now prevails, only three of those states redefined marriage at the ballot box, according to Tony Perkins in his Washington Update post. The other 33 were imposed by judges, given as ultimatums by the courts to legislatures, or passed by lawmakers in defiance of voters.[2] One federal judge in the State of California, Vaughn Walker, who ruled Proposition 8 “unconstitutional” (the marriage amendment passed by a strong majority vote) is himself homosexual. What could be more biased and unjust than a judge’s ruling in favor of his own interests?

Although it is destined to get worse, the persecution of Christians in America has already begun. Homosexual activists have targeted many individuals and businesses solely because they are Christian. Steadfast Christians such as J. Matt Barber and Peter LaBarbara of AFTAH (Americans for Truth about Homosexuality), among others, have chronicled many such accounts. Christians are being dragged through the legal system by homosexuals riding the wave of immoral filth that Barack Obama and others of his ilk have visited upon the country.

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SOURCE: Renew America

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