WATCH: St. Paul Baptist Church, Historic Black Church in Gastonia, North Carolina, Attacked by Thieves; $15,000 Worth of Church Property Stolen


Thieves struck a major blow to one of the area’s oldest black churches.

St. Paul Baptist Church is a landmark with members now dealing with a problem they never thought they would face.

“It really is awful,” said Deacon Perry Gray. “Never in my wildest dreams.”

Gray discovered the break-in Wednesday at the church, built in 1885 and the first church established for a black congregation in Gastonia.

“Who would take it upon themselves to come in here and do this at this church? It’s beyond me,” Gray said.

The thief kicked in the back door of the church.

The burglar took the microphones, most of the mic stands, piano keyboard, amps and a drum set.

The thieves also stole a minirefrigerator and the pastor’s chair from his study

“I said, ‘Wow, they took the whole sound system,'” Gray said.

Nearly $15,000 worth of church property was stolen.

The church suffered some structural damage last summer so parishioners moved to another church for service, but their insurance claim was withheld.

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Source: WSOC TV | Ken Lemon

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