WATCH: Ben Carson says the War Against ISIS Should Have “No Rules”

According to pediatric neurosurgeon and potential 2016 presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, one of the main impediments to U.S. military success against ISIS in the Middle East is the fear of prosecution when those conducting the operations return home. In Carson’s view, we need to eliminate all “rules” in the fight against ISIS if we ever want to win.

“Our military needs to know that they’re not going to be prosecuted when they come back, because somebody has said, ‘You did something that was politically incorrect,’” Carson told Bill Hemmer on Fox News Monday morning. “There is no such thing as a politically correct war. We need to grow up, we need to mature. If you’re gonna have rules for war, you should just have a rule that says no war. Other than that, we have to win. Our life depends on it.”

SOURCE: Matt Wilstein

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