Is Birth Control Linked to Brain Cancer?

Brain Cancer

A Christian doctor who practices oncology says recent reports that claim hormonal contraceptives are linked to brain cancer need further research.

Odense University Hospital and the University of Southern Denmark conducted the research, and their findings suggest that contraceptives containing estrogen, progestin or a combination of the two show higher rates of a rare brain tumor.

But Dr. Al Weir, who practices hematology and oncology and is a spokesman for the Christian Medical Association, tells OneNewsNow, “This is a minor issue in that we’re dealing with rare tumors that are only slightly increased by the statistical analysis that the doctors carried out. So I don’t believe there’s a significant enough risk where people ought to be changing behavior regarding their hormonal manipulation.”

Dr. Weir does, however, believe that more research is in order.

“Where we really are with cancer is going down to the DNA and the genes and at that level looking at what gene switches are turned on or off by various hormonal manipulations,” he shares. “That’s where we’re going to find the answer about how important hormonal therapy is with different kinds of cancers.”

So Dr. Weir stresses that no one should be frightened by any prospect of brain cancer into changing regimens based on the recent findings.

Charlie Butts

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