10 Best Apps to Keep Families Organized

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Timeful is a personal calendar and list manager that constantly analyzes the way you make use of your time, which would be a little creepy if it wasn’t so helpful. The app uses algorithms to learn your behavior and habits, then makes suggestions to help you be more efficient based on the time you have available, your location and even your most productive times of the day.

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Your smartphone is your new organizational best friend

Is your home stuffed with stacks of your kids’ drawings and paintings that you can’t bear to throw away? Artkive allows you to store, share, print and preserve your children’s art or other projects. Just take a picture of the art with your phone, and it’s backed up and added to your collection. You can keep the collection digital or even make printed books of them, all using the Artkive app.

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This is for those of us who always have a nagging feeling in the back of our minds that we’ve forgotten to pay something, to someone, somewhere. Mint Bills is a highly secure app that organizes and tracks all of your bills, bank accounts and credit card accounts. You’ll always know what’s due when, be warned about potential bank overdrafts before they happen, and be able move money and pay bills either instantly or at a scheduled time in the future.

To buy: Mint, Free

If you find typical to-do lists and day planners boring, maybe Carrot is for you. Carrot is a to-do list meant to make getting things done both fun and addictive. Not for the easily offended, Carrot has plenty of personality and is on a mission to keep you motivated. Slack off and Carrot will get angry and berate you. But work hard to accomplish your to-do lists, and Carrot will reward you with praise and a (virtual) kitten

To buy: Carrot, $2

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Source: Mom.me

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