Future Criminal Hackers Could Wipe People’s Memories


A top futurist and former advisor to the FBI and Interpol warns that criminal hackers could one day kidnap people with AI-enhanced brains and threaten to wipe their memories in return for a ransom.

Marc Goodman, who has also worked with the US Secret Service, told Singularity Hub of his concerns about mind reading and neurohacking.

Asked to imagine the weirdest future crime scenario, Goodman responded, “I think holding people’s memories hostage in demand of an extortion payment would be a fairly horrific crime. Of course, this is all theoretical now. We do not have the capacity to do this. But I thoroughly believe it will be forthcoming.”

Goodman also pointed to recent experiments with EEG technology which illustrated how brain waves could be read to obtain someone’s credit card pin number 30% of the time.

“I think we’ll see more of that, which could lead to all kinds of problems. Forget memorizing passwords—somebody could just pull that data from a brain scan,” said Goodman.

The futurist also pointed to new treatments for veterans suffering with PTSD that can isolate and minimize bad memories.

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SOURCE: Info Wars, Paul Joseph Watson

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