NASA Goes ‘Star Wars’ for Official Expedition 45 Crew Poster


They will boldly go where other men have gone before. Or are we mixing up pop culture references. After all, it’s not that easy to think of Jedi Knights and the almost magical Force when you think about astronauts. But that is exactly what the Expedition 45 crew bound for the International Space Station later this year did for their official photo, donning the robes, and weapons, of the Jedi order with the slogan “The Science Continues” set in the style of a Star Wars film.

It is almost quite ironic considering that between Star Trek and Star Wars, it is the latter that is less science-oriented, with some categorizing it as “science fantasy” instead of science fiction. Nevertheless, George Lucas’ creation is a huge geek phenomenon that no astronaut will be unfamiliar with. In fact, the idea for the posters theme came from NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren (bottom left), who is probably the newbie of the team as this mission is his first trip to space. He is joined by Scott Kelly (bottom right), Mikhail Kornienko (middle right), Russian cosmonauts Sergei Volkov (top right) and Oleg Kononenko (top left), and Kimiya Yui (middle left) from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

Other elements of the poster also give homage to the franchise. The group’s official patch, depicted in the middle, seems to resemble an Imperial Star Destroyer, coincidentally or otherwise.

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SOURCE: Slash Gear, JC Torres

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