ESPN Launches Sleek New Suite of Apps


ESPN is overhauling everything this year, but before its website gets a makeover in April to mark its 20th anniversary, the sports giant is launching a new suite of apps with the same design language.

The new ESPN app is launching on iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones today, and it’s replacing the old SportsCenter app with a sleek new interface that emphasizes speed.

The app is divided into three main sections: Scores, a customizable feed that displays your favorite teams and the scores of games in progress; News, which shows you the day’s breaking news and development; and Now, a blog-style feed that features viral content and commentaries.

The biggest change is the introduction of the Now feed, which is powered by a dedicated editorial team that will write commentary spanning from viral photos to more in-depth responses to the breaking news you’ll find in the News feed.

ESPN has done a good job creating an organized and clean design language that will eventually be mirrored in the launch of the new in April. It’s easiest to notice the new design language in the iPad app. There’s an emphasis on simplicity and speed: Videos play in-line within their columns (though you can always go full screen), and everything from score updates to the blog posts in the Now feed can be shared with one tap.

The iPad app also has a nifty toolbar of your favorite teams in the bottom right-hand corner, which lets you easily tap a team to bring up their own page.

The ESPN team is still working on the Android tablet version, however, but you can expect a similar style and design.

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SOURCE: Business Insider, Steven Tweedie

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