Starbucks Mobile App Gets Apple Pay

PHOTO CREDIT: WrldVoyagr/Flickr
PHOTO CREDIT: WrldVoyagr/Flickr

Starbuck’s mobile app gets Apple Pay, but it will be a long time before the caffeine pusher adds support for Apple’s mobile payment app in store.

Starbucks is slowly rolling out a little update that will let iPhone users upload payment information onto their Starbucks app via Apple Pay, according to 9to5 Mac.

The Starbucks app operates as a pre-paid digital gift card. Users have to load the card as funds dwindle. Typically, this means having to go into the app, select a payment method, and upload funds. With the Apple Pay integration, users can now (or soon) link their Apple Pay card and use Touch ID to authorize transactions in the Starbucks app.

The new integration is notable for Apple because Starbucks is currently the most successful mobile payment app on the market. The Starbucks app has 12 million users, who make around 6 million transactions a week using the app — if not more.

Meanwhile, Apple Pay is only accepted in 50 stores and chains nationwide. While the app has shown promise (Whole Foods reported that Apple Pay accounted for 1 percent of transactions in November), it’s far from achieving mass adoption. As it stands, the best use case for Apple Pay is in-app purchases, which is what makes its adoption by the Starbucks app significant.

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SOURCE: Venture Beat, Ruth Reader

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