Jamaal Bernard, Son of Pastor A.R. Bernard, to Launch New Long Island Christian Cultural Center Campus on February 15th

Jamaal Bernard
Jamaal Bernard

Pastor Jamaal Bernard, Sr. Pastor of CCC Long Island church and son of Reverend A.R. Bernard, Sr., founder of Christian Cultural Center (CCC) in Brooklyn announced the location of CCC’s new Long Island Church.

The church will open on Sunday, February 15, 2015 at 10 A.M. located at the following location: UPSKY Long Island Hotel ~1100 Vanderbilt Motor Parkway Hauppauge, NY 11788.

Sunday, February 15 is the soft launch of CCC’s Long Island chapter, followed by the hard launch on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rev. A.R. Bernard, Sr. shared his thoughts about his son’s appointment as the pastor of the new CCC Long Island Campus, “I’m excited and looking forward to see how God is going to use him.”

Pastor Jamaal Bernard, Sr. said, “CCC’s Long Island campus is a father and son ministry. Pastor Jamaal continues as he uses a sprinters’ relay race analogy,    “Together we are at the time in the relay race when the passing of the baton is in both of our hands.”

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Pastor Jamaal is the founder of CCC’s youth ministry C3, and co-founder of its Young Adult Ministry. He has assisted in advancing various small groups within CCC, including the marriage ministry and has led individuals across the globe on evangelical mission trips to Mexico, Guatemala, the Philippines, Jamaica, Haiti and New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina, New York for Hurricane Sandy and Galveston, Texas for Hurricane Ike.

My father taught me that no matter how good the preacher is at ministering, if he is lacking in the operations aspect of the church…the church has a high possibility to fail,” Pastor Jamaal said.

Pastor Jamaal has ministered his message to various churches, married couples and youth groups in other countries including: Singapore, Australia, Puerto Rico and Guatemala, to name a few.

“My focus is to establish myself as a minister, preacher and teacher while managing a growing global presence,” says Pastor Jamaal.  “I want to change lives and grow individuals back to the basis approach…to become Unapologetic Ambassadors for Christ.”

About Pastor Jamaal Bernard

Pastor Jamaal Bernard is the son of Rev. A.R. Bernard, Sr., founder of Christian Cultural Center and his mother Pastor Karen Bernard in Brooklyn, NY.  As Pastor of CCC, his duties included Chief of Operations and Director of Public Safety, as well as the overseer of Ministry of Helps, CCC Medical Staff Unit and Customer Representative Training.  He superintends all aspects of security and aids in addressing the needs of the congregation and visitors.  Pastor Jamaal is supported by his wife of sixteen years, Rita Bernard and their four children; Kamryn, Stephanie, Jamaal Jr. and Liam.

About Christian Cultural Center (CCC)

Christian Cultural Center began as a small parish in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York in 1978. Our present Senior Pastor, Rev. A. R. Bernard, left a ten-year banking career, to follow the call of God on his life to full time ministry to become the founding Pastor. With his wife Karen Bernard at his side the church began with a small membership, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and reaching out to its local community in Brooklyn.

Today Christian Cultural Center sits on an 11.5-acre campus with a registered membership of over 37,000. Visit www.uafcny.org, www.c3info.org, www.cccinfo.orgFacebook.com/UAFChrist

Twitter: JamaalBernard
IG: Jamaal_Bernard
Youtube: Jamaal Bernard

SOURCE: Edna Sims

via Eur Web

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