Weight of Snow Causes Several Roofs In New England to Collapse

Photo credit: Quincy Police
Photo credit: Quincy Police

Multiple building roofs across New England collapsed from the weight of the snow on their roofs as another winter storm dropped even more snow in the region.

Officials in Rockland, Massachusetts, say a building at 333 Weymouth St. collapsed Monday morning and that the occupants of the building made it out with no injuries.

Mike Scolaro, one of eight people inside the United HVAC Sheet Metal Contractor building, said workers heard and felt the building beginning to give way. “It sounded like the roar of a jet engine. It just kind of came down really slow, then, boom, crashed. Like it was in slow motion.”

Rockland Fire Department Capt. Tom Heaney said the fact the 9,000-square-foot industrial building collapsed so slowly was critical. “The people inside the building were very lucky. Very lucky,” Heaney said. “They could have had to be hospitalized or could be dead. They escaped a very bad situation.”

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Tim Jones

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