WATCH: Thieves Steal Air Conditioner Units from Barnes United Methodist Church in Indianapolis


Thieves hit a well known Indianapolis church that is working to reduce violence in the community. They stripped two air conditioner units at Barnes United Methodist Church on the near northwest side. Reverend Charles Harrison runs the church and has made a name for himself running a street outreach team called the Indianapolis 10 Point Coalition.“I certainly was very frustrated about this you know the church does so much in the community and we provide so many community activities that, you know, the first thing I thought was man why would they do this to the church when you know the church tries to do so much for the community,” said Rev. Harrison.

Rev. Harrison, a potential mayoral candidate, said when people steal from a church it shows how desperate they are. He said he would have gladly helped anyone who is down on their luck.

“For those who did this, there are better ways for you to get money there are better ways for you to get money. I mean, if you’re that down and out or desperate you know churches are helping families every day and we certainly would have done what we could to help you in your situation,” said Rev. Harrison.

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Source: Fox 59

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