Here Is the British TV Executive Taking the Flak Over NBC Anchorman’s Lies


A deep unease at NBC News has taken hold since Brian Williams, its nightly news anchor, came under attack for making up a story about a life-and-death escape in Iraq. And caught squarely in the maelstrom is Deborah Turness, a Briton who left ITV to become President of NBC News just eighteen months ago.

What started as a red-face moment for Mr Williams has turned into an all-out credibility crisis not just for him – and there are now serious questions about whether he can hold onto his job – but for the network as well as for its corporate owners, Comcast.

Ms Turness was once the first female editor of ITN News. Ms Turness has found herself dealing with one calamity after another at NBC News. NBC Nightly News remains number one in its slot but nobody knows how it will fare with its star anchor in self-imposed detention.

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SOURCE: The Independent
David Usborne

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