WATCH: Conservative New York Times Columnist David Brooks Defends Obama; says I’m ‘Totally Pro-Obama’ for Calling Out ‘Our Own Self-Righteousness’


On Meet the Press today New York Times opinion columnist David Brooks once again praised President Obama for his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast this week.

On Friday’s edition of PBS NewsHour Brooks called what the president said “admirable” and “a recognition of historical fact.”

Today, Brooks went all in and said he is “totally pro-Obama” for expressing his “gospel of humility” and calling out “our own self-righteousness.” Brooks called it a “beautiful speech” and said it was part of “a whose series of great speeches” he has given, such as the Trayvon Martin speech.

“I’m totally pro-Obama on this,” Brooks said to Meet the Press host Chuck Todd. “I think he said the right thing. Listen, It was a gospel of humility.”

“I think he was right,” Brooks said on the panel portion of MTP. “He gave the race speech. It was a beautiful speech. He’s given a whole series of great speeches, Trayvon Martin. This was really fine. This is exactly the moment you want to say this. We’re at most the moral danger to ourselves when we’re caught up in a righteous fervor against an evil foe which is what we have. And while we exercise hard power we have to take morally hazardous action or we’re going to be prone to get caught up in our own self-righteousness. This is exactly the moment we needed this.”

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Source: Real Clear Politics

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