World Vision Says 3,000 Child Soldiers Being Released in South Sudan Have a Long Way to Go In Their Recovery

child soldiers south sudan

World Vision has requested support for 3,000 child soldiers who are being released in South Sudan. According to the organization, the children will need time to recover and adapt into a normal life.

Christian Today reports World Vision emergency communications director James East said, “The lifelong consequences for children forced, one way or another, into armed groups cannot be understated.”

He continued, “These children will have missed out on crucial elements of childhood, and been exposed to the kind of abuse and violence no child should ever experience. We must listen to these children because they can provide solutions to the issues. They are the best advocates for the change needed in their countries.”

According to Harvard University’s research, former child soldiers may also continue to suffer long-term stress which can affect their ability to learn.

World Vision has asked governments, leaders and organizations to donate to protect the children.

“These children live in fear,” East said. “They want a normal life and for the sake of the country’s future, we must make this a priority. We continue to ask the Government of South Sudan and the international community to prioritize the needs of children while working toward an end to the conflict.”

Carrie Dedrick

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