Want to Meet a Soulmate Who Smokes Pot? There’s an App for That


In the happy case that you live in one of the 23 states that have already decriminalized cannabis use, a new dating app for cannabis smokers may allow you to find your perfect match. High There has become the app to download if and when you enjoy consuming marijuana and are on the search for a kindred spirit.

According to the creator of the app, the service’s reason for creation was the difficulty of maintaining relationships which had begun thanks to conventional dating websites. Todd Mitchem, the company’s CEO, explains that any possible date would come to an abrupt close when the idea of cannabis consumption came up.

As a result, he created High There, the app which allows fellow users to reach one and other and easily connect without judgment. Available for download in Google’s Play Store, the application is somewhat Tinder-esque. By swiping right, you sort out the people you’d like to connect with and by swiping left, you eliminate those who you don’t think are particularly right for you. The novelty, however, is that cannabis smoking preferences are included in the user’s profile, so that you can filter the results presented to you according to your own smoking preferences.

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