Pastors, Bishops Tell People to Stay Away from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie

50 Shades of Grey (Facebook)
50 Shades of Grey (Facebook)

The film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which opens in theaters next week (Feb. 13), has movie morality guardians armed and heading for battle.

The Catholic bishop of Buffalo, N.Y., has warned fellow prelates to step up preaching on the true beauty of sex-within-male-female-marriage — and do it pronto.

“Remind the faithful of the beauty of the Church’s teaching on the gift of sexual intimacy in marriage, the great dignity of women, and the moral reprehensibility of all domestic violence and sexual exploitation,” wrote Bishop Richard Malone, in a letter Wednesday (Feb. 4) to fellow clergy at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

His letter came with multiple links to resources, some 15 to 20 years old, showing the church’s consistent stand against domestic violence and pornography.

The Catholic clergymen could be facing a juggernaut: Fandango reports box-office pre-sale numbers are soaring, particularly in the Bible Belt and the Midwest.

The Fifty Shades books by British writer E.L. James have sold more than 100 million copies.

But the movie trailer — and a Super Bowl ad scrubbed of anything very sexual — sent opposition to the film into high gear.

Oh, that trailer.

It depicts a young journalist becoming a willing sex slave to a handsome, powerful man she interviews. Critics say it could make a tale of bondage and sadomasochism seem like playing fantasy sex leagues.

Archbishop of Cincinnati Dennis M. Schnurr already wrote to his pastors, calling the film “a direct assault on Christian marriage and on the moral and spiritual strength of God’s people.” Pastors must sound the alarm against its “destructive message” and “highlight the beauty of God’s design for loving relationships between a husband and a wife in the bond of marriage.”

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SOURCE: Religion News Service
Cathy Lynn Grossman

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