Church Community Raises Thousands of Dollars for Burned Down New Jerusalem Baptist Church in San Antonio


The church community raised thousands of dollars on Friday for a southeast side church that was destroyed in a fire.

The New Jerusalem Baptist Church went up in flames last October. The image of the fire was forever burned into the memories of those who worshipped there.

“It was tough seeing the building burn down. It was tough seeing the rubble. It was tough driving by and seeing that,” Rev. Jackie Sattiewhite said.

Nearly four months after massive fire, the Community of Churches for Social Action hosted the musical benefit at the Grace First Baptist Church. They offered words of encouragement and inspiration.

“For us being the faith community, it’s just the Christian thing to do,” Rev. Herman Price, Jr. said.

Price is pastor of the St. John Baptist Church and chair of the CCSA.

“We’re having musical inspirations, words of encouragement for the congregation and hopefully to raise some money here tonight,” Price said.

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Source: News 4 San Antonio | Ashlei King

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