Bethel Apostolic Temple in Toledo, Ohio Receives Church Building from Real Estate Company at No Cost, With No More Mortgage

Beacon Church Tuesday, 02/03/15 in Toledo, Ohio. THE BLADE/JEREMY WADSWORTH
Beacon Church Tuesday, 02/03/15 in Toledo, Ohio.

The congregation of the Beacon Church at 1664 W. Bancroft St., which recently changed its name from Bethel Apostolic Temple, received a special gift in early January: It got the deed to its property.

The owner of the church’s mortgage, Origen Ventures, a real estate investment and development company in Boston, gave Beacon the church’s building and land, valued at $298,500, according to Lucas County records, at no cost, with no more mortgage.

“That was a miracle,” said Pastor Belinda Akpassa. Bethel had large debt, and Origen acquired the mortgage when the church changed its name to Beacon. The church learned that it had to refinance because of the name change, and Origen was patient while Beacon unsuccessfully searched for a lender, Pastor Akpassa said.

In September, 2014, “we came to a decision that we couldn’t keep it, and then we were OK with that,” said the pastor. “If it wasn’t God’s will … we’d move somewhere else with less responsibility.” Soon they were offered a meeting place rent-free.

“Well, Sept. 19 was our final answer [to Origen about the mortgage], and we told them we just can’t do it and we’re going to let it go,” the pastor said. “It was already on the market to be auctioned off in November.”

The congregation decided its last Sunday there would be Oct. 26. Two weeks before, they would celebrate Pastor Akpassa’s second anniversary as pastor and her birthday.

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Source: Toledo Blade | TK BARGER

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