9 Ways to Recharge Your Homeschool Classroom


The holidays have passed us by, yet spring is still quite far away for many of us. Has your homeschool classroom tumbled upon the dreaded mid-year slump? It’s a difficult time of year – even many of us “grown-ups” have grown bored and restless, and ready for a new season. But there are ways to generate some energy and enthusiasm in your classroom, today! Here’s how.

9 Awesome Homeschool Activities to Recharge and Excite Your Students

1. Make it Spirit Week

Let your children pick the theme and get busy planning for some fun activities and educational excursions. Break up your regular routine, and EVERYTHING – even meals – can be geared around your theme. Brainstorm together! For example, if you are studying medieval history, get into character. Have your husband as Lord of the castle, and you as the Lady. Have an honored guest, and don’t forget to offer them the upper crust! (That’s where that expression came from). One child can be a Court Jester reciting poems. Another child could be a Minstrel playing an instrument. Fun for all!

2. Make a Homeschooling Pinterest Project Board

Although such sites can burn up time, they can also be an excellent resource to find some great projects to work on. Starting your own project board can help you prioritize and keep everything organized so that you can easily access the information on days that just aren’t’ going so well!

3. Have a ‘Kids Teach Mom Day’

Turn the tables for a little creative homeschool fun and let your kids teach you or their younger siblings. Your child will love pretending to teach and having ‘real’ students in their class. Most importantly, nothing reinforces learning as does teaching what you know to someone else. Practice raising your hands and taking turns answering and asking questions to develop patience and to strengthen group and listening skills.

4. Get into some Down and Dirty Artwork!

Tactile art projects are a great way to spark enthusiasm. Raised salt painting is a personal favorite, but there are many others out there to chose from.

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Source: Crosswalk | Jessica Parnell, HomeschoolingHelp.com

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