WATCH: Aunt, White Woman Step in to Raise HS Football Star Who Lost his Mom

Lives are changed each year on National Signing Day. Gifted high school stars make their dreams come true when they accept college scholarships to play their favorite sports. This year was no different.

These young athletes don’t get there on their own. A network of support oftentimes surrounds them.

That’s the case for Jeffery Holland, cancer claimed his mother’s life when he was only nine years old.

Since then, he has overcome major adversity with the help of his aunt and someone he calls his “white mom.”

Holland is a star linebacker and signed a letter of intent to play for Auburn University in fall 2015.

Watch the video below to find out how Holland’s mother inspires him from beyond the grave as he gets support from two women who love him deeply.

SOURCE: USA Today – Kristen B. Reed

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