Mother and 9-Year-Old Daughter Found Hanging in Brockton Home


On Thursday night, Ariana Rosa-Soares dropped one of her two daughters off at a friend’s house, and took her other little girl, 9-year-old Marley Soares, back to their Morgan Street home.

She never returned to pick up the older child, Rosa-Soares’s father said, leaving her friend puzzled and worried.

Rosa-Soares, 32, had been struggling, according to friends and family; she had talked of suicide.

On Friday morning, police found the bodies of Rosa-Soares and Marley hanging in the basement of their home.

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz said the deaths were being investigated as homicides. It was too early, he said, to determine whether the deaths were a murder-suicide, but he said there was no threat to the public.

“I feel dead. I feel mad. I’m pissed,” said Jose Rosa, Rosa-Soares’s father and Marley’s grandfather, as he stood at the end of Morgan Street. Around him, family members stood clustered in small groups, some weeping, others silent and smoking.

“I don’t have a name to say this,” Jose Rosa said. “Disgusting? Or ugly? It’s another name, I can’t think about it.”

The bodies were discovered at 9:48 a.m., after a family friend called for help, said Cruz during a news conference at the scene. Rosa said that friend was the same woman with whom his daughter left her older child. The woman had come to find out why Rosa-Soares had not returned, she said.

Cruz said the circumstances of the past two days were under investigation.

“It’s a terrible tragedy,” Cruz said. “People are just trying to get their arms around it as we speak.”

Marley would have turned 10 years old next week, according to court documents.

Written information was discovered inside the home, Cruz said, but more investigation would be needed before authorities could say who wrote it, he said.

Jose Rosa said he had long been worried that his daughter could not take care of her children. He had seen her slap and kick them, he said.

“My daughter, she is not a good mother,” Rosa said. “I tried to get help . . . to stop what happened now.”

Rosa said he had repeatedly called child welfare authorities to ask them to take the children from the home, though he was not clear about which agency he had contacted.

Officials from the state Department of Children and Families said in a statement that the agency “has not received any reports resulting from this incident,” and that it “does not currently have an open case with the family.”

A spokesman declined to say whether the department had any closed cases with the family.

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SOURCE: Boston Globe, Evan Allen and John R. Ellement

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