Parents of Kidnapped U.S. Journalist Ask Government for Help


The parents of Austin Tice held a press conference Thursday in Washington D.C. to ask the United States government, as well as American media and citizens, to do all they can to help get their son home safe.

“We haven’t done enough until he’s home. That will be the ultimate measure,” said Debra Tice, mother of the award-winning freelance journalist who disappeared while reporting in Syria in August 2012.

Austin is alive and not being held by ISIS according to credible sources, but his parents have not heard from him since August 13th, 2012.

With help from the world’s largest non-profit press freedom organization, Reporters Without Borders (RSF), #FreeAustinTice digital banners will be published pro-bono on more than 267 news websites across the U.S. starting February 16.

The vast collection of news websites who have committed to raising awareness for Austin is unprecedented in U.S. history.

Although Marc and Debra Tice are grateful for the generous support from RSF and other media outlets, they have expressed dissatisfaction with the efforts of their own government, and have a sense that they are on their own.

“There is no agency, no person solely committed to the objective of the safe return of the hostages… It’s appalling to us that no such entity currently exists in the United States government,” Mrs. Tice explained.

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SOURCE: Daily Caller, Jude Abeler

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