NY Radio Host Calls Rapper-Turned-Pastor-Turned-Rapper Again, Ma$e, a Hypocrite


The devil is a liar. Too bad Pastor Mason Betha believed his lie that abandoning the pulpit to return to secular rap would yield riches, fame and glory.

Now the disgraced leader is being branded a “hypocrite” by a popular NY radio host.

“I just think Ma$e is a hypocrite,” said Lenard McKelvey, best known professionally as Power 105. 1’s “Charlamagne Tha God.”

In a VLAD TV interview, he expressed his opinion, saying, “You can’t reheat cold French fries. That’s what I say when it comes to your career. You can’t reheat cold French fries, Ma$e. Like, you had your time… It’s like, yo, you can’t go from rap to doing something as extreme as being a pastor then come back to rap.”

In early 2014, Ma$e returned to his bad boy rapper roots to the shock of loyal congregants and Christian supporters. How could he resume activities and lifestyle choices he openly denounced after giving his life to Jesus Christ?

“When he first came back, the first comeback was kinda interesting because it was the first time he had done it,” Charlamagne said. “And he was saying he wanted to deliver a positive message. Then he was on the ‘Jesus Walks (Remix),’ which makes total sense. So we was paying attention.”

He added, “And then he left again. Went back to the church. But then you come back with G-Unit, bruh? Trying to be Murder Ma$e again?”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
J.T. Holmes

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