New Trailer for “A.D. – The Bible Continues” Scheduled to Air During the Super Bowl

A.D. - The Bible Continues

New content from Roma Downey and Mark Burnett’s latest television series “A.D.” is set to debut during the Super Bowl today.

The NFL Super Bowl XLIX will feature the game between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks as well as the most coveted advertisement spots on television. In an unprecedented turn of events, over 110 million people will see the new “A.D. – The Bible Continues” promo during the game.

“A.D.,” produced by the husband-and-wife team Downey and Burnett, is set to premiere on NBC on Easter Sunday, April 5. The new 12-hour series will pick up right where the couple’s “Bible” series left off, revealing what would become the most influential movement in history – the rise of the church. While the “Bible” aired on the History channel in 2013, Burnett explained that NBC was a better fit for “A.D.”

“I believe this belongs on the American [broadcast] network,” the 54-year-old producer told the Television Critics Association. “It has the biggest privilege in the world… to have an hour of primetime on American [broadcast] network TV; there is nothing like it on earth.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Emma Koonse

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