Chase Bank and the Brotherhood Crusade Team up for the Fellowship Initiative in L.A.

Students socialize during a break in one of the Brotherhood Crusade’s motivational speeches. (Troy Tieuel)
Students socialize during a break in one of the Brotherhood Crusade’s motivational speeches. (Troy Tieuel)

When black men gather, assumptions are always made; most of them turn out to be incorrect.  The Brotherhood Crusade has teamed up with JP Morgan Chase Bank to move past those false assumptions and forge a new independent reality based on success and positive choices.

“Men of color don’t study,” said George Weaver, as he spoke sternly to 40 high school sophomores.  “Men of color don’t dress appropriately.”  Each student brought their personal style to play as they listened.  Some preppy with bowties and sweater vests, others sported a laid back tie and slacks looks.  Bald heads, high top fades and even a set of neat dreads could be seen.  “Men of color don’t know how to talk,” Weaver went on pacing the room, describing his words with gestures from his hands.  Standing in a room like that, a person can’t help but make assumptions about what each person’s personality, but hearing the students speak, those negative ideas were erased and replaced with a more positive concept.

The students sat alert and erect in chairs arranged in a ‘U’ shape with Weaver standing in the center, a projector illuminating a screen behind him.  Multi-colored ties hung from the student’s necks.  The color of those ties varied as the tone of their skins.  Weaver’s own tie hanging as the flagship of a grand fleet would display their nation’s banner. “Men of color are able to excel beyond measure, when they are given the confidence to succeed.”

He stood still for a moment as his words sunk deep within the gathered youth’s minds and their eyes glimmered with realization, one by one gaining an understanding, sitting more upright, fidgeting less and a confident look crossing their brows.

That confidence is the key to them becoming successful in life and George Weaver understands that very well.  Weaver is the Program Director for the Brotherhood Crusade and its newest partnership with JP Morgan Chase bank has allowed these 40 high school students to gather at the firm’s downtown offices to participate in the ‘Fellowship Initiative in L.A.’

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Source: LA Sentinel

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