WATCH: Ava Duvernay’s Response to Oscar Snub

In an interview with Democracy Now!, the “Selma” director comments on the “controversy” surrounding the film, while Grantland’s Mark Harris examines how that controversy came to be.

Speaking with Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman at Sundance yesterday, “Selma” director Ava DuVernay responded to the furor surrounding the film with characteristic grace, paying homage to the “giants, real, bold, brave Americans of color, and otherwise, all kinds of people, who marched for something that was really important” before addressing Hollywood’s systemic failure to make room for diverse voices. (Watch the full interview below.)

Acknowledging that the film’s Best Picture nomination is “nothing to sneeze at,” DuVernay argues that the problem is not the Academy per se, but the fact that “Selma” was the only strong Oscar contender this year to feature people of color in prominent roles in front of and behind the camera:

[T]he question is: Why was Selma the only film that was even in the running with people of color for the award? You know what I mean? I mean, why are there not—not just black, brown people? You know what I mean? Asian people, indigenous people, representations that are more than just one voice, just one face, just one gaze? So, for me, it’s much less about the awards and the accolades, because, literally, next year no one cares. Right? I can’t even tell you who won the award for whatever three years ago. I don’t know.

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Source: Indie Wire

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